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Update: January, 2016

2016 is already building up to be a busy year.

In February we are attending the LAPADA conference at the House of Commons. This year the theme is how we as Antique dealers can be more prominent and utilise our own websites and the Social Media to obtain sales. This method is increasing daily and will be such a force for us, LAPADA have gained some first class ‘speakers’ for the conference.

Once again we shall be visiting Maastricht in March to meet fellow dealers and to gain more ideas for when we exhibit later on in the year.

We shall also be visiting Paris and following up on sales for our very unique piece of early Venetian glass, which we are hoping to home in one of the large museums either in Europe or the USA.

Later on in the year we will be exhibiting in London.

Social Me continue to promote Mayflower Antiques and are giving us new ideas all the time to break into a new exciting frontier.


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Update: Autumn, 2015

The Autumn has been exciting for us. Our main project was our trip to the USA, combining New York, Upstate New York at the Corning Museum and Chicago.

Our trip was based on our Glass collection which is nicely increasing. We went to Amsterdam in September to a private viewing and bought two beautiful early pieces from a very established dealer.

More photo shoots have been carried out, so our website should be vitalised with new pieces and with combining some upgrading of our original shots. We realise the vital importance of keeping our website ‘alive’ and with high quality photography.

In October we were asked to produce a few pieces for a television programme which will be on air in early Spring. It was a very different day for us, as we watched it being shot, now we have some idea of what goes on when filming and then to see what we see on the actual programme on the television. One must have great patience!!!

We are very much looking forward to the launch of LAPADA’S new website which should be any day now. A great deal of hard work has gone into this and we are confident that it will provide excellent business for LAPADA dealers.

Zara Rowe of Social Me continues to do first class work for Mayflower Antiques, our presence on Social Media is increasing all the time.


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Update: August, 2015

We Continue to work on our own website, while uploading images items onto No1Mayfair’s website.

We are anticipating an extremely good launch of Lapada’s new website in September.

Research has been carried out by Susan Harrington-James, Approaching Museums not only in the UK but internationally, for our special piece.

A Brochure has been designed showing in detail the piece.

Zara Rowe of Social Me continues to help with our website and online presence, She is now a fully Approved Service Provider for Lapada.

Partners of Mayflower Antiques

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Update: July, 2015

July has been a busy month fine tuning our website. We are thrilled to become founder members of the new Lapada website which will be launched in the Autumn.

We have also joined NO1 Mayfair’s Website which is exciting.

We spent a day in Oxford visiting The Ashmolean Museum. Mayflower has a special connection to the museum:

Michael Wellby a very serious collector of early pieces, on his death donated a great part of his collection to the museum. In fact his donation is so great that they are dedicating a room to him, presently while waiting for the room to be finished, they have a large glass cabinet holding some of his unique pieces.

Michael was a personal friend of Christopher Hamlyn – partner with Susan Harrington-James of Mayflower Antiques.

In fact it was Michael that ignited Christopher’s passion in early pieces to become a dealer. The collection is certainly worth a visit if you are in Oxford.


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Update: May and June, 2015

Two visits to Amsterdam where we found two beautiful early pieces of glass. One engraved wine glass 17 century from the Engels-Lange Collection. One wine glass – 2nd half of the 16th century. A broad shallow bowl and a hollow cigar shaped stem. Illustrated in a painting by Veronese in the late 16th century. Red wine was drunk in these glasses. Images are soon to be uploaded to our website.

From our trip to Maastricht in March we purchased two Mother of Pearl pieces. A Mother of Pearl Casket – Mexico 17th century and a Mother of Pearl Holy Communion Box – Spanish, Colonial 17th century. Both pieces will be on our website soon.

Work on our new website has been an on-going project, Zara at Social Me has been working closely with our new web developer. We now have a fully responsive Mobile website which is optimised for SEO and ease of use for our customers. We continue to grow our presence on Social Media and sharing are pieces with the public.

We also visited two of the big London Fairs Olympia and Masterpiece. Although not exhibiting we enjoyed having the time to appreciate the fairs and visit many of our friends in the trade. Both fairs had a wonderful vibe to them and we will be sure to visit again.