Magistrate’s Beaker Front
Magistrate’s Beaker back
Magistrate’s Beaker side
Magistrate’s Beaker hallmark
Magistrate’s Beaker bottom
Magistrate’s Beaker top

A Silver Gilt Strasbourg ‘Magistrate’s Beaker’ 1693



It is for the town of Wissembourg which is approximately 60 kilometres north
of Strasbourg.

The council of Strasbourg consisted of members elected from the local towns
within their control; the members were presented with these beakers as a
symbol of their office. The iconography of this piece is particularly interesting
as the town coat of arms is surmounted by the French Royal coat of arms,
testament to the fact that in 1671, Louis XIV annexed the whole of this region
as part of France

The beaker is 9.4cms tall and weights 4 0zs approx